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Welcome in our FAQ section!

You should find in this section answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about our products.

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How to display the Caller ID (SIM card in use) ?

To display the Caller ID (SIM card in use), you can change hideidentification parameter. Both ways to proceed are described here.
You need to first download QWAdmin/Monitoring Console (contact support), this program should be installed ...


How to reboot SMTP ?

SMTP is controled by Services of te gateway. To reboot the service of SMTP

- Telnet to the gateway
- sc stop gateway
- sc start gatway


How to Inserting a new GFI MailEssentials license key after having purchased?

The GFI MailEssentials license key needs to be inserted into the GFI MailEssentials configuration -> & ...


We have installed a MP112 but the button R for Call transfer doesn’t work. Does MP112 support Call transfer with Hook-Flash?

Yes, for the transfer to function with remote PBX extensions, “Hold” must be disabled on the FXS device (i.e., Enable Hold = 0). More information can be found on User&


After having installed the Fax connector on Exchange server, messages are not passed to Zetafax server.

Check the FAX connector on Exchange server, by using this commandlet: Get-foreignconnector | fl. Check the path of drop and pickup folders. On Zetafax server, check if the messaging connector is correctly configured in Zetafax configuration ...

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