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Converged Communications Experts


You are a Reseller

If you have already an account with Sintel:

you can order by fax on +390 64 74 22 71
or by email to : orders@sintel.com


If you are not yet a customer of Sintel:

you must first open an account. Click here for more information on opening an account.

You are an End-User

To order any of our products you need to go through one of our partners. We have partners in all European countries, ready to help you and to provide you with the products you need.

If you want more information from us, or to consult one of our partners, please contact our customer service:
• By email : info@sintel.com
• By phone : +390 642 87 21 23
• By fax : +390 64 74 22 71

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