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BoostEdge S.A.S. is a software editor specialized in web optimization, acceleration and caching. Recognized by analysts (Gartner, Infotech, Red-Herring...) as a Visionary vendor on Application Delivery Controllers (Soft Advanced ADC), BoostEdge technology helps hundreds of Enterprises and Operators to improve internet response times, to secure connections, to save bandwidth, to reduce roaming data costs and to provide analytics.
- You are an ISP or a Telecom Operator, you can save bandwidth to shrink costs and/or optimize the Quality of Experience (QoE) of end-users and inspect analytics of your subscribers.
- You are a Large Enterprise, you can optimize, load balance, secure your web applications (Sharepoint, Oracle Hyperrion, SAP, Cognos, Internet, Intranet, e-commerce websites...) and save money on data roaming costs for your mobile users. BoostEdge is proposed as a Physical or Virtual (VM Ware) appliance. Launched at MWC Barcelona 2013, BoostEdge Cloud of Compression Platform (BCCP) is an innovative offering enabling ISPs to save bandwidth between 25% and 75%.
BoostEdge's Headquarters are located in Paris, France, BoostEdge S.A.S. has more than 100 Enterprise customers (30% are Fortune 500) across 25 countries and support large ISPs and MNOs customers in France, West Indies, Africa and Middle-East Region. 


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