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jetNEXUS Advanced Virtual Load Balancer

The jetNEXUS ALB-X VA offers powerful, feature-rich application delivery control and load balancing that enables users to deliver resilient and responsive services with granular control over application traffic. Featuring layer4-7 load balancing, advanced traffic management capabilities and optimisation features including SSL Offload, Content Caching and Compression, jetNEXUS improves the performance, scalability and reliability of applications for a superb end user experience. With unprecedented ease of use, the jetNEXUS ALB-X load balancer can be installed in a matter of minutes, with users only requiring a basic level of technical expertise to configure the product to meet their load balancing needs.

jetNEXUS virtual load balancer is available for all the leading virtualisation platforms, eliminating the need for dedicated hardware, decreasing operating costs and reducing deployment time. As well as giving you the agility of a virtualised solution, the jetNEXUS  Virtual Appliance offers you unparalleled future-proofing and scope for growth. 
Whether it’s corporate websites and e-commerce platforms, or internal applications such as Microsoft Exchange / Lync or ERP services, jetNEXUS load balancing technology has been developed to handle the most demanding of workloads.

Microsoft ExchangeVMwareHyper-VLync CertifiedSkype for Business
Strong points
• Deploy on VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V or Citrix XenServer
• Distribute application traffic across healthy servers to deliver always available services
• Reduce load on backend servers to improve application performance and user experience
• Solve complex web application delivery challenges with customisable traffic management
• Seamlessly scale services in line with business growth and new application deployment
• Protect websites and sensitive customer information against security threats
• Certified for key applications such as Microsoft Exchange and Lync (Skype for Business)
• Unrivalled ease-of-use: simple to configure, straight forward to manage
• Automatic configuration with application specific deployment templates
• Leading price: performance
Technical Specifications
- Layer 4-7 Load Balancing 
- Server Health-Checking 
- Reverse Proxy 
- SSL Offload 
- Content Caching 
- Content Compression 
- Connection Management
- Web Acceleration 
- Traffic Management 
- Automatic Configuration
- Clustering 
- Intuitive GUI 
- Unprecedented Ease-of-Use
ALB-X Virtual Appliance Specifications:
CPU: Min 2 vCPU
Memory: Min 2GB
Virtual Network Interface: Up to 8
HTTP Max Throughput: 300M / 3 Gbps / 6 Gbps / Unlimited 
Layer 7 - HTTP requests per Second: Not limited by licence
SSL Transactions per Second: Not limited by licence
Product Range
 ProductProduct codeDescription
 ALBX-VA-3GALBX-VA-3GVirtual Load Balancer - 3G throughputdevis
 ALBX-VA-6GALBX-VA-6GVirtual Load Balancer - 6G throughputdevis
 ALBX-VA-ULALBX-VA-ULVirtual Load Balancer - Unlimited throughputdevis
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