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DMV600, 1200 BTEP & BTEC Media Boards

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Dialogic® DMV600BTEP, DMV1200BTEP, DMV600BTEC and DMV1200BTEC combined media boards are among the industry's most powerful media boards for developers seeking to rapidly build and globally deploy some of the highest density media server solutions for enterprise and public networks. They provide a true universal port solution with a robust media feature set, including voice processing, speech recognition, fax, and conferencing capabilities, combined with an extensive suite of network protocols in a single PC slot. The platforms, available in both H.100 (PCI ) and H.110 (CompactPCI) compliant universal form factors, are ideal for service providers and large enterprise applications.

These combined media boards feature software selectable E1 digital network interfaces; universal media loads offering simultaneous fax, conferencing, and voice; improved media densities; the ability to mix select protocols; and a variety of conferencing media loads. Applications can be ported easily to lower or higher density platforms and new features can be added with only minimum modifications - thus protecting investment in hardware and application code.

Strong points
• Provides software selectable trunks to configure a board for either E1
• Features universal media loads for mixed media resources including voice, fax, and conferencing
• Provides the ability to mix select protocols on each spa : Maximizes slot efficiency and reduces total cost of ownership in environments where there are multiple protocols (e.g., call centers)
• Built on the industry-standard telephony bus - ECTF H.100/H.110 CT Bus: Allows applications to expand (up to 1200 ports per system) through access to other communications boards, such as IP telephony, ATM, HDSI, and SS7
• Supports TrueSpeech® voice coder (a default coder with Microsoft®Windows supported by Windows Media Player)
• Ability to select between 16 ms, 32 ms, and 64 ms echo cancellation tail on select media loads
• Separate models available with Universal PCI (PCIU) or Compact PCI form factor

Technical Specifications
• Voice resources: Up to 150, depending on board and selected media load
• Fax resources: Up to 30, depending on board and selected media load
• Conferencing resources: Up to 576, depending on board and selected media load
• CSP: Yes
• Form factor: PCIU; CompactPCI 
• Resource bus: CT Bus
• Connection: PCIU: RJ-48C; CompactPCI: BNC (E1 75Ohm), RJ-48C (T1, E1 120Ohm)
• Network interface: 1, 2, or 4 E1 (software selectable)
• Signaling:  Digital ISDN PRI CAS; R2MF; CCS; NFAS
• Operating system: Linux; Windows. 
Product Range
 ProductProduct codeDescription
 DMV600BTEPW881-81060-port Digital T1/E1, PCIdevis
 DMV600BTECW881-80960-port Digital E1, cPCIdevis
 DMV1200BTEPW881-806120-port Digital T1/E1, PCIdevis
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