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IP Media 8000

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The IPmedia 8000 VoIP Media Server enables Network Equipment Providers (NEPs), Application Developers and System Integrators (SIs) to offer Service Providers revenue-generating enhanced voice services over a high density and robust solution. The IPmedia 8000 media server is the large-scale member of AudioCodes family of media server voice network products for enhanced voice services (including the IPmedia 2000, the IPmedia 3000 and the IPmedia 5000).

Deliver Enhanced Voice Services
The IPmedia 8000 enables NEPs to significantly enhance their network solutions. Media processing technologies, such as voice record/playback, announcements, echo cancellation, voice mixing, DTMF detection/generation) and transcoding ensure delivery of advanced services beyond the scope of basic dial tone service. These include conferencing, network announcements, voice mail, auto-attendant, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR). AudioCodes application partners provide a variety of applications jointly with the AudioCodes IPmedia product line to benefit service providers.

Robust Building Block for Converged Networks
The IPmedia 8000 is designed and optimized to serve as a Multimedia Resource Function Processor (MRFP) in Wireline and 3G Wireless networks that have adopted the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) architecture. As part of an IMS architecture, the IPmedia 8000 will provide a robust, scalable MRFP to provide application developers and service providers with the infrastructure to offer a wide range of applications and services.

Strong points

• Extensive media processing
• Flexible deployment options
• Highly scale and dense product
• Designed for NEBS Level 3
• Redundant Common equipment (controller, power, ethernet switch)
• Optional N+1 protection of Media Server Boards
• VOIP, VoATM and PSTN support
• Optimal, cost-effective channel density
• Open architecture
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