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Dialogic® PowerMedia IP Media Server

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The Dialogic® PowerMedia™ IP Media Server is a robust software-based multimedia server that allows service providers to rapidly deliver cost-effective video solutions with a high-quality user experience over mobile and broadband networks.

As a fundamental element of a Service Delivery Platform (SDP), PowerMedia IPMS can enable a wide variety of voice- and video-enabled value-added services (VAS), such as IVVR, MRBT, video portal, video mail, video call center, social interaction, and video advertisements.
Strong points
• Enables advanced video functionality, such as transcoding, transrating, transizing, and overlays, with Dialogic® control algorithms for video transcoding
• Supplies rich voice processing for transcoding, tone detection and generation, speaker identification and verification, conference mixing, and speech; integrates Dialogic® Brooktrout® Fax Software
• Powered by a flexible architecture that supports incremental capacity increases on industry-standard server hardware from leading manufacturers
• Proven interoperability with application servers from major vendors; supports industry-standard interfaces and protocols, including SIP, VoiceXML, MSCML, JSR 309, NETANN, MRCP, and RTS
• Designed for carrier operations
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