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GFI MailEssentials

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Block spam and protect your network from email-born threats
GFI MailEssentials provides anti-spam and email security for your mail servers

- Powerful and effective business spam filtering
- Blocks email-borne viruses and other malware
- Granular, user-based email content policy enforcement
Powerful business anti-spam This VBSpam-certified solution uses multiple anti-spam filters that combine SpamRazer technology, greylisting, IP reputation filtering, Bayesian filtering, and other advanced technologies to provide a spam capture rate of more than 99% and minimal false-positives, ensuring the safe delivery of important emails.
Use multiple antivirus engines Multiple antivirus engines drastically reduce the time required to obtain the latest virus definitions, enabling a faster response to the latest threats. Since each engine features its own heuristics and detection methods, you gain maximum protection for your email environment.
Enforce email content policy Granular, user-based email content policy enforcement enables you to control content that enters and leaves your network via email. This function is based on real file type, dictionary keyword checks and regular expression checks, helping to protect your company from accidental or malicious data leaks while assisting with compliance efforts.

Strong points

• #1 server anti-spam software at an unbeatable price
• Over 80,000 installations and over 60 awards
• Highest spam detection rate (over 99%) by its two anti-spam engines
• Ultra low rate of false positives
• Support for the industry leading messaging platforms including Microsoft Exchange 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and Lotus Domino
• Support for Unicode

Product Range
 ProductProduct codeDescription
 MailEssentials 10-24 MailboxesME10-24-1YMain license 10-24 mailboxes including 1 year SMAdevis
 MailEssentials 25-49 MailboxesME25-49-1YMain license 25-49 mailboxes including 1 year SMA devis
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