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Dialogic® SS7HDx Boards & Protocol Stacks

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The Dialogic® SS7HDP and SS7HDE board lets developers create cost-effective, high-density, carrier-grade communications solutions requiring advanced SS7 performance. The SS7HDP and SS7HDE are capable of high message rates on all 64 low-speed or 2 high-speed SS7 links for demanding mobile and intelligent networking applications.
The SS7HDP and SS7HDE are part of the Dialogic® Distributed Signaling Interface (DSI), which enables affordable, high-performance,distributed, cross-platform, cross-operating-system signaling applications.
Dialogic also offers proven Signaling System 7 (SS7) protocol stacks for use within high performance products. Dialogic DSI SS7 Stack supports a wide range of SS7 capabilities to manage signaling traffic between applications and SS7 networks over TDM or IP. Use with DSI SS7 Boards or DSI SIGTRAN Stack to build scalable systems for Prepaid, Roaming, SMS, USSD Services, Location Based Services, Call Control etc...

Dialogic SS7 Protocol stacks include following Software licenses:
SCCP - (Signaling Connection Control Part class 0,1,2) ITU-T recommendations Q.711-Q.714, Q.791 and ANSI T1.112
TCAP - (Transaction Capabilities Application Part) ITU-T Q.771-Q.774 and ANSI T1.114
INAP, AIN - (Intelligent Networking) ITU CS1, ETSI CS1 & CS2 and GR-1299-CORE AIN
CAMEL - CAMEL Application Part specifications v1-v4
MAP - (Mobile Application Part) GSM TS 09.02, TS 29.002
MTP - (Message Transfer Part) as defined by the ITU-T, ANSI.
ISUP - (ISDN User Part) ITU-T Q.761-Q.764, Q.767, ETS 300 356-1, ANSI T1.113, national variants including German ISUP, Japanese TTC ISUP.

Strong points
• Conforms with DSI, enabling MTP3, ISUP, TUP, SCCP, TCAP, MAP, IS41, and INAP protocols supported onboard or used with other SS7 host protocol stack products from Dialogic and software-selectable T1 or E1 digital network interfaces
• Supports up to 64 SS7 links, or up to 2 high-speed SS7 links, enabling the creation of powerful, scalable, cost-effective, high-density solutions. Capable of high message rates on all SS7 links
• Software-selectable high impedance interfaces
• SS7 linksets can be distributed over multiple boards
• H.100 CT Bus compliant interface
Technical Specifications
• System size : Public network / Large enterprise
• Form factor : PCI, PCIe
• Resource bus : H.100 CT Bus
• SS7 links : Up to 16 or 64 low-speed or 2 high-speed SS7 links. Link density depends on installed license button. 
• Operating systems : Linux, Windows, Solaris 
• Network interface : Four software selectable T1 or E1 digital line interfaces
• Onboard signaling support : MTP, ISUP, TUP, SCCP, TCAP, MAP, IS41, INAP
Product Range
 ProductProduct codeDescription
 SS7HDPD4TEW881-792PCI, 4 T1/E1, 64 LSL, 2 HSLdevis
 SS7HDED4TEQ310-884PCIe, 4 T1/E1, 64 LSL, 2 HSL, RoHS6devis
 SS7SBHDFBAQ883-139Monitoring onlydevis
 SS7SBHDFBFQ883-161MTP, ISUP, TUP, SCCP, TCAP, MAP, IS-41, INAP additional combinationsdevis
 SS7SBHDFBGQ883-068License for Signaling Serverdevis
 SS7SBHSTM2PALG12-005MTP2A host protocol licence 64 Link devis
 SS7SBHSTTCAP852-881TCAP host protocol license devis
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