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Dialogic® DSI Signaling Interface Unit

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Dialogic® DSI Signaling Interface Unit (DSI SIU) is a scalable, high performance telecommunications signaling platform, providing connectivity between the core SS7/SIGTRAN network and multiple distributed application servers. The DSI SIU can enable application developers to deliver high throughput signaling applications to market quickly and cost-effectively using standard IP connectivity.
Enables Broad Range of Applications
Applications which can be deployed with DSI SIU include standard network elements, such as SMS gateways, SMSC, SMS Routers, USSD gateways, GMLC and EIR in addition to customized applications such as Lawful Intercept, Welcome Roamer, or Missed Call Alerts. The DSI SIU can also be integrated into solutions with Dialogic® PowerMedia™ Software Products.
SCCP Router and Signaling Gateway
The DSI SIU can optionally be configured as an SCCP Router or Signaling Gateway, providing high performance connectivity solutions for mobile networks.  DSI SIU supports the ability to flexibly route messages (MTP or M3UA) or send traffic through the SIU SCCP process for Global Title Translation.  More information on SCCP Router or Signaling Gateway functionality is available within the 'Message Router Introduction' guide available here.
Offers High Availability and Flexible OA&M
The DSI SIU offers carrier-ready fault resiliency, occupies a small (1U) footprint, and offers dual hot-swappable AC or DC power supplies. It supports standard operations, administration, and maintenance (OA&M) interfaces via a web browser, a command line interface, and SNMP, allowing easy integration into automated, centralized management systems.

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