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The VoIPBOX GSM connects your Voice-over-IP network and your GSM mobile network.

• Expands your IP PBX value by enabling calls to your mobile network
• Converts fixed-to-mobile calls into cost-saving mobile-to-mobile calls
• Fully vGATE SIM Server compatible
• Integrated SIP server
• Toll-grade voice compression, T.38 fax support
• Call Through (two-stage dialing) for mobile workers
• Backup solution for VoIP and IP Centrex
• Supports auto-provisioniong and centralized system-management

Reduce VoIP to GSM Costs
Connect your current VoIP infrastructure – as is – to the world of mobile. With low per-port implementation costs, the VoIPBOX GSM supports up to 4 mobile channels, 4 telephone units, and 8 VoIP channels.

Eliminate the expense of international calls placed from mobile phones. The VoIPBOX GSM delivers Call Through dialing and thereby maximizes your existing VoIP infrastructure.
Save time and effort during installation as a result of built-in, designed compatibility. The TELES VoIPBOX GSM and vGATE SIM Server are a team of products designed from scratch to interoperate. You avoid complex and unstable third-party to third-party gateway to SIM server configurations.

Simple Installation and Sophisticated Management
In minutes, install the VoIPBOX GSM and make your first phone calls. Just connect the cables and the power and physical installation is complete. Then, use the VoIPBOX GSM's Quickstart tool to complete initial configuration.
To fine-tune the routing configuration, use our GATE Manager. Finally, you can use the TELES NMS (Network Management System) for remote provisioning of bulk installations; the VoIPBOX GSM can automatically receive updated routing files from the NMS.

Savings with Least Cost Routing
Save money on every phone call. The VoIPBOX GSM delivers phone-number prefix recognition. This enables the gateway to direct calls to a specific channel that contains a SIM card from the corresponding GSM network.

Remote Survivability
Protect your ability to make phone calls. If your office is disconnected from its VoIP network server, VoIPBOX GSM can route both interoffice calls and PSTN calls. IP phones continue to function thereby sustaining your productivity. 
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