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Vedicis Content Smart Switch

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The Content Smart Switch family products (VP1G – VP10G) are multi-application software platforms to manage and control content within telecom operator's broadband networks. They deliver a full set of services to monitor, prioritize, neutralize and steer content and application traffic in real time.
The flexible license packages enable system growth along with the traffic growth and ensure investment protection. Deployment on standard servers deliver superior price performance ratio, and give room for performance growth while avoiding costly proprietary hardware architecture. Server configurations have been thoroughly tested and validated by Vedicis team for optimized performance and for taking maximum advantage of the Intel servers' architecture and performance.

The Content Smart Switch manage 1 or multiple 1GE (VP1G family) or 10GE (VP10G family) links. It supports the following applications:
Multimedia Tracking : Unleash the wealth of information from the network
The multimedia tracker service captures all the broadband traffic and applies various modular and selective criteria to extract precise usage data in real time.
In addition to data extraction, the fine grained analysis of the Content Smart Switch delivers extended real time statistics in volume and bandwidth about applications usage and traffic (Facebook, YouTube, gaming…). Vedicis delivers unique detailed statistics with most popular requested URLs or shared content (movies, music, games…) transiting in the network for accurate audience measurement. 

Classification from Vedicis (detection and identification) for content and applications is achieved though detailed applications analysis with global sessions processing. Without heuristic algorithm based on pattern matching, Vedicis solution prevents false positives. 

Valuable information like applications sources and destinations can be added for more insight and visibility. KPI and dashboards are directly available.

Broadband Bandwidth Optimization : Control and steer applications for better Quality of Service
Traffic knowledge and management is key to ensure QoS. However a step further is needed to have a clear impact on user Quality of Experience. The Broadband Bandwidth Optimization service is dedicated to applications and content steering, for fine grained broadband management based on applications (OTTs) and content (files, URLs…). 
On top of unique and extensive detailed statistics about applications usage (Facebook, YouTube, gaming…) and the most popular content(movies, music, games…) transiting in the network, the broadband bandwidth optimizer delivers management functionalities to shape applications and allocate dynamically bandwidth according to multiple parameters (minimum and maximum bandwidth and/or volume, thresholds…). Applications marking expand current network management capabilities with prioritization and throttling. Virtual networks are created to apply various policies according to traffic value and time sensitivity. Uplink and downlink flows are differentiated to give more accuracy and policy effectiveness. 
Parallel to application based policies, user based policies enable customer centric traffic management with bandwidth and volume steering per user or profile.
Content Policy & Charging Enforcer : Enforce policy for real time charging with smart content QoS
The Content Policy & Charging Enforcer provides real time usage monitoring and user based policies enforcement to deliver real time policy charging enforcement functionalities. It provides content granularity for innovative service plan enforcement. 
With its functionalities of applications and user based policies, and relevant enhanced CDR (CDR+) extraction, the Content Policy & Charging Enforcer is the critical application to implement convergent charging for real time billing. The Content Policy & Charging Enforcer integrates through standard APIs with charging/billing in both pre-paid or post-paid environment and user provisioning system to apply flexible, real-time, subscriber-specific policies. It fully integrates within 3GPP framework.
Anti-Piracy & Regulation : Protect revenue and ensure compliance
Content Circulation Control is key to foster the business growth of legitimate content offers. The Anti-Piracy & Regulation application provides selective content, applications and protocols blocking or tracking. The Content Smart Switch with Anti-Piracy & Regulation application is synchronized with a centralised database (Director and Media Services Portal) to provision content that needs to be tracked or blocked.
This delivers a powerful system to regulate precisely a list of content (URLs, movies, music, games, files…) that can support millions of items transiting over broadband networks.

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