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Tmedia: Full featured VoIP Gateway

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Boasting over five nines (99.999%) reliability BEFORE factoring in redundancy, TelcoBridges Tmedia™ family of VoIP media gateways are the industry's most reliable & stable gateways.  
As a flexible and scalable solution, Tmediahas the right solution for you whether you are an MVNo, Operator, or Tier 1 Carrier.
From 32 to 32,768 VoIP channels.
For TDM-IP and IP-TDM, Tmedia benchmark performances are twice as high as the competition. 
Additionally, all of TelcoBridges' Tmedia Gateways come with the unique TB analytics suite of monitoring and diagnostic tools. This industry exclusive allows you to better manage and control your entire network. Learn more about TB analytics by clicking here.

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