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Dialogic® BorderNet 4000 SBC

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The Dialogic® BorderNet™ 4000 Session Border Controller (SBC) is a compact, high performance security and session management platform to help service providers address the challenges they face in peering with other IP network operators. The BorderNet 4000 SBC provides comprehensive session security, connectivity, and service assurance features to enable the interconnection of diverse IP networks. The powerful routing capabilities and SIP interworking tools built into the BorderNet 4000 SBC, along with enhanced management capabilities, can help service providers lower operational costs and improve service delivery time through streamlining the complex task of interworking different IP networks and services. The BorderNet 4000 SBC is part of a family of session border controllers from Dialogic that can help service providers transform, connect and secure their networks and services.

Strong points

- Scalable support for up to 32,000 sessions: More performance in a small footprint can lower OPEX and CAPEX requirements
- Powerful and easy to use SIP header manipulation tools: Reduces the time and effort to interwork with diverse SIP implementations
- Profile based provisioning: Automate and simplify the complexity of adding and managing peering points
- Web based, real-time dashboard and reporting: Improve border management through real-time visibility into service and system performance

Technical Specifications

- Protocols:
> Signaling: SIP, H.323
> Other: IPv4, UDP, TCP, RTPSIP Routing

- Security Features:
> Signaled pinhole media firewall
> Network topology hiding for both signaling (Layer 5) and media (Layer 3)
> NAT traversal
> DoS and overload protection

- Bandwidth Policing:
> Media profiling, packet rate monitoring, and limiting
> Dynamic bandwidth limiting
> Bandwidth determination from SDP

- Session Admission Control:
> License Control
> Peer and Interface session rate limits
> Auto blacµ

- Management:
> Integrated web-based management (https)
> SNMP traps sent for alarms
> Historical and real time statistics and reports
> Integrated Wireshark packet and session tracing

- Power:
> Dual AC or DC 650W hot swappable power supplies
> 100 - 132 VAC (115 VAC nominal)
> 180 - 264 VAC (230 VAC nominal)
> 47 Hz - 63 Hz
> AC current draw Average 2.8A/Max less than 4A
> DC power supply range -36 to -60 VDC (-48 VDC nominal)
> DC current draw Average 6.7A/Max less than 10A

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