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Mediatrix Sentinel

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The All-in-one platform

Sentinel inherits the VoIP gateway and media adapter capabilities from the class-leading Mediatrix product portfolio and is scalable up to 240 channels to convert PSTN and Legacy PBX communications into SIP-based communications.
Sentinel is also a SBC, addressing a variety of applications including Demarcation Point, Security, SIP Normalization, Survivability, and more. With a Back-to-Back-User-Agent, Sentinel acts as the middle-man for communications between two SIP endpoints. It permits applying deep packet inspection, identifies specific properties attached to a SIP Request, and executes predefined actions to manage any particular deployment scenario. Sentinel also supports media relay for media anchoring, NAT traversal, and transcoding.

Prodotti segnalati

Sentinel permits Service Providers to deploy SIP Trunk and Hosted Services with compelling session border controller (SBC) capabilities. It delivers a flexible architecture designed to enable administrators to easily modify SIP and Media signaling to comply with any devices deployed on the customer premises.

Specifiche tecniche

- Connect to Any Device
- Ensure Quality of Service
- Prevention From Fraud Attacks
- Shields Network Confidentiality
- Protects CAPEX & OPEX
- Ease of Management
- Survivability
- Network Demarcation
- SIP Normalization
- Integration with Third Party Applications
- Teleworkers have services just like those in the office
- PSTN and Legacy PBX System Gateway

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