Hornetsecurity offers industry-first all-in-one security and backup service for Microsoft 365

Hornetsecurity offers industry-first all-in-one security and backup service for Microsoft 365

Fully managed from a single, centralized console, 365 Total Protection Enterprise Backup is Hornetsecurity's suite of SaaS services that includes everything needed to protect email and data in Microsoft 365.

For millions of business users, Microsoft 365 is now a critical communication platform through which sensitive files and data are exchanged. However, Microsoft is a communications platform not a data protection solution, so if system failures or cyber attacks result in the loss of important business information, Microsoft does not offer native options for backing up and restoring it.
Hornetsecurity, a leading cloud email security provider, is addressing this issue through 365 Total Backup, a new complete backup and recovery solution for Microsoft 365 mailboxes, Teams, OneDrive for Business accounts, SharePoint document libraries, and even Windows endpoints. .

Automatic backup and restore of all Microsoft 365 data, easy setup and multi-tenant management - these and other benefits characterize Hornetsecurity's latest security solution. The service is activated in a few minutes. Customers can manage and monitor all backup and recovery activities for all of their company's Microsoft 365 data through an intuitive backup dashboard. Backups are fully automated and can be performed multiple times a day.


365 Total Protection Enterprise Backup Features

This Security Cloud Bundle offers a wide range of award-winning, high-performance email protection and management features, including:
  • Multilevel filter systems
  • AI-based analysis mechanisms to protect against spam, malware and advanced threats
  • Email encryption and archiving
  • Email continuity, which effectively maintains email traffic during system failures
  • Easy-to-create and legal-compliant signatures and disclaimers.

In addition, 365 Total Protection Enterprise Backup enables automatic backup and recovery of an organization's Microsoft 365, Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive mailboxes, as well as data backup of Windows-based endpoints such as Windows laptops or workstations.

Robust backup and restore functionality is essential to holistic Microsoft 365 security as data loss occurs not only due to ransomware and malware, but also due to user error; for example, KPMG accidentally but irrevocably deleted the Teams chats of 145,000 employees last year. Microsoft is often assumed to create extensive backups of all data, but it doesn't!
Like all Hornetsecurity services, 365 Total Protection Enterprise Backup takes a few minutes to set up and is extremely easy to manage, thanks to the solution's central control panel.

Solution Key aspects

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